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General Terms and Conditions

1.-These general terms and conditions govern relationships between Object Print S.L.,  S.L., domicilied in Calle San Magin 45, E-07013 Palma de Mallorca, Spain, hereinafter referred to as "OBJECTPRINT", and any individual or corporate entity wishing to make a purchase or distance purchase in the OBJECTPRINT shop or from the OBJECTPRINT website “http://”, hereinafter referred to as the “CUSTOMER”.

2.-OBJECTPRINT proposes a personalised 3D reproduction service,based on an image or specifications supplied by the CUSTOMER or images shown in the catalogue published on the website “http://” available to CUSTOMERS, as well as the sale of raw materials.

3.- The 3D OBJECTS printed by OBJECTPRINT are intended for decoration and solely guaranteed in relation with their shape and dimensions.  Special conditions may be agreed specifically. OBJECTPRINT does not guarantee their physical, chemical or functional characteristics, and objects are to be used by the CUSTOMER at his own risk. The CUSTOMER warrants that any OBJECTS ordered are not illegal in Spain nor in the CUSTOMER´s country of nationality, residency or where the OBJECT will be used, and that it is not subject to any license, permission or authorization thereof.

4.- OBJECTPRINT guarantees to produce an object within the tolerances of shape and dimensions indicated in the web page or specified in the respective order and acceptance.

5.-Colors of objects will be supplied according to the industry standards. CUSTOMER is aware and accepts that color and shade of objects may appear slightly diferent in the website or catalogs, and these differences in the produced OBJECT are not deemed as a fault or defect.

6.-OBJECTPRINT reserves the right to refuse any order, especially but not exclusively for objects that may be considered an offense to public order or good practices, may notoriously infring a third party intellectual or industrial property rights, as well as firearms and parts thereof, objects presenting racist, pornographic or violent content without being a piece of art.


7.-Delivery time:OBJECTPRINT undertakes to reasonably comply with the deadlines indicated upon confirmation of the order, but no essential date of production or delivery exists unless expressly specified as such in the order.In any case, OBJECTPRINT will not be liable for delays due to reasons not under her direct control including:


a) Delays in shipping, customs clearance and similar circumstances.

b) Delays caused by the intervention of materials suppliers.

c)Breach of the client´s obligations, among others, delays in agreed payments.

d) Wrong data supplied by the CUSTOMER.

OBJECTPRINT will endeavour to inform the CUSTOMER of any foreseen delays in delivery.

8.-Availability. OBJECTPRINT tries to maintain a proper stock of material, but availability of all materials and manufacturing capabilities as shown in the webpage or catalogs cannot be guaranteed to be constant. OBJECTPRINT will inform the CUSTOMER upon placing the order. The CUSTOMER may place a backorder.

OBJECTPRINT will inform the CUSTOMER about estimated restocking deadlines. The CLIENT may choose to maintain the order with these new deadlines or to cancel it. In that case, OBJECTPRINT will refund the amounts paid by the CUSTOMER in advance unless works have already been undertaken by OBJECTPRINT or specific materials have been ordered upon petition of the client.

OBJECTPRINT reserves the right to suspend production at any time for a duration determined by OBJECTPRINT, or in the event of failure in stock of primary materials or breakdown of equipment.

9.- Prices. The prices of the OBJECTS shown on the catalogue published on the website “http://”, as well as the prices indicated for personalised orders, are given in Euros, including the VAT, and only refer to the OBJECT. Packing and shipping costs as well as shipping insurance are not included in the price displayed, but will be notified when OBJECTPRINT  confirms the order.

When orders are paid in the currency selected by the CUSTOMER , the CUSTOMER expressely accepts the exchange rate used by OBJECTPRINT.

For any delivery outside of EU territory, customs duties and formalities will be covered exclusively by the CUSTOMER, who undertakes to verify the possibility of importing the products to the country of delivery.

10.- Order

CUSTOMERS wishing to purchase an OBJECT available on the “http://” website catalogue, or wishing to have an OBJECT manufactured based on a model they have designed or information supplied by themselves, must, without fail:

- fill out the identification sheet on which they indicate all the requested contact details;
- fill out the online order form, giving all OBJECT references (catalogue reference, size reference, measurements, etc.);
- validate their order after checking that their invoicing address and delivery address are correct;
- make payment in accordance with the established conditions;
- confirm their order and payment.

Confirmation of the order implies acceptance of these general terms and conditions.The CUSTOMER’s “click” on the “validate” button when making the order constitutes an electronic signature between the parties and has the same value as a written signature and creates the obligation to pay the price, packing, shipping and insurance costs.

A confirmation email summarising the order will be sent to the CUSTOMER by OBJECTPRINT.

11.- Payment: Payment is made online directly using the secure payment module on the specialist company PAYBOX SERVICES’s website for card payments or PayPal (Europe) Ltd for “Paypal account” payments. The bank card number and expiry date are encrypted and transmitted to the specialised company PAYBOX or PayPal (Europe) Ltd. Secure services are provided using the SSL encrypting procedure (Secure Socket Layer), with no access granted to OBJECTPRINT or any third party. In particular, OBJECTPRINT does not use any technical intermediary for the transmission of payment data. This information will not be reused.

Cards accepted for payment are: MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

The order amount is charged in the CUSTOMER’s card upon validation of the order by OBJECTPRINT.

Invoices will be available on the OBJECTPRINT website in the “Your Account” section.

12.-Shipping and delivery.

The OBJECT will be delivered to the address indicated by the CUSTOMER on the order. Shipping is made at the cost and risk of the Customer, and OBJECTPRINT  assumes no liability for any delays, damages or losses in delivery. OBJECTPRINT recommends that the CUSTOMER  obtains shipping insurance.

13.- Cancellation. The CUSTOMER is not allowed to cancel any personalized order or any order that has been placed for the supply of goods made in accordance with customer specifications.

In other cases, the CUSTOMER may cancel the order within 14 days after the OBJECT is delivered. In this case, the CUSTOMER must deliver the OBJECT to OBJECTPRINT in its original package.

14.- Limitations.

OBJECTPRINT will do its best efforts so that the 3D images shown in the catalogue published on the website “http://” are as faithful a representation of the OBJECT as possible. However, because of the digital presentation method, it is possible that the impression of the CUSTOMER is not exactly the way the OBJECT really is. Therefore, the OBJECTS delivered may vary slightly from their presentation on the website “”. Differences may result from the colour quality of the photographs, the difficulty of showing on screen the texture of a material or, without limitation, technical adaptation. These differences should not be interpreted as lack of conformity or defects.

OBJECTPRINT cannot be deemed responsible for consequences inherent to the individual CUSTOMER, such as allergic reactions to the materials used for manufacturing the OBJECT, or if the personalised OBJECT fails to satisfy the CUSTOMER due to his own personal taste.

The illustrations and images shown in the catalogue on the “http://” website are not contractually binding.

For all the stages of website access, order processing, delivery or post-delivery services, OBJECTPRINT is bound only by a best effort undertaking. OBJECTPRINT may not be held responsible for any inconveniencies or damage inherent to Internet use, in particular service failure, external intrusion, the presence of IT viruses, or any qualified occurrence of force majeure, in accordance with case law.

15.- Warranty

Warranty does not apply if the client has not fulfilled all contractual obligations.

OBJECTPRINT guarantees the manufacturing works carried out for a maximum period of 12 months from completion date. During the guarantee period, OBJECTPRINT undertakes to repair any defects that arise exclusively from the works carried out by OBJECTPRINT because of faulty constructionor material, excluding those arising from inadequate choice of material or wrongful or inadequate supply of information by the client.

Warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, non-intended use of OBJECT, or lack of adequate maintenance.

In case of guarantee works, the client will bear any expenses incurred that exceed the cost of repair in general, and in particular the costs of shipping, dis-assembly and re-assembly.

This warranty applies exclusively to the work needed to remedy the defect and excludes compensation for any damage or loss whatsoever that the CUSTOMER may have suffered or expects to suffer on account of such a defect. The client waives all rights to make any claim and releases OBJECTPRINT from any claims by third parties in this context.

In any event, OBJECTPRINT’s liability shall be limited to the total amount paid by the CUSTOMER for the defective OBJECT current order.

16.- Customer obligations

Apart form paying the price and filing orders as specified above, CUSTOMERS must transmit their images or informationin the form of a file and undertake not to transmit files containing viruses or programmes which destroy data. CUSTOMERS must keep a copy of the file and OBJECTPRINT cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for the loss or destruction of files transmitted by the CUSTOMER.

CUSTOMER  must ensure at all times that the  OBJECT  being ordered is not illegal, and does not require specific licenses or permissions of any kind, even for the exportation or importation of the OBJECT.

CUSTOMERS access, use and navigate the OBJECTPRINT website at their own risk.

17.- Intellectual and industrialProperty

The images, drawings, designs, texts, names and logos appearing on the “http://” website are the property of their authors and are thus protected by intellectual and industrial property rights held by OBJECTPRINT and/or creators bound to OBJECTPRINT by a specific contract.

All CUSTOMERS who send an image, drawing or design (the “IMAGE”) to OBJECTPRINT guarantee that they are the author or holder of all intellectual or industrial property rights for this IMAGE and that they have not infringed any rights by sending or using this IMAGE. The CUSTOMER undertakes to indemnify OBJECTPRINT against any claims by third parties.

By submitting an image, the CUSTOMER grants OBJECTPRINT a licence for the use of the IMAGE in OBJECTPRINT´s catalog or web page, unless otherwise specified.

Please contact OBJECTPRINT if you are interested in licensing your design or Image for further production.

Any reproduction, exploitation or use, whether in Spain or abroad, of all or part of the “http://” website and/or any OBJECT for professional use (on whatever basis, even partially) or duplication on any media, website, free, paid or commercial blogs, is forbidden unless prior consent has been given by OBJECTPRINT.

18.- Personal Data

In accordance with the Spanish law on personal data protection (L.O. 15/1999  / LOPD), we inform you that your personal data are included in a filing system whose controller is ObjectPrint S.L., for the management of reciprocal communications arising from its activities. You can exercise your rights of access, correction and deletion of the data contained in such file, as well as any opposition to the processing thereof, in writing, enclosing a copy of your national ID card or passport, at calle San Magin 45, 07013 Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

19.-Applicable lawand jurisdiction.

These general terms and conditions are governed by Spanish law.

For any disputes the CUSTOMER accepts the jurisdiction of the Courts of Palma de Mallorca, Spain.